Heart Resonance Advanced Classes

Currently the founder of Heart Resonace Trevor Gollagher is the only teacher in Australia teaching the Advanced Practitioner level, Master Class and Grid Activation. Trevor is offering each level once a year.

These levels are available with teachers in Canada either in person or via skype sessions.

I will add these dates to my site once released or you can contact Trevor personally.

Advanced Practitioner level

Heart Resonance is taught over two days 10am – 5pm.

Your investment -­‐ $288 The workshop will cover the following:

  • Activating new spiritual energy pathways
  • Connecting to your Godself
  • Inter-­‐dimensionalhealing
  • Harmonic Resonate fields
  • Sacred Sequence Clearing
  • Energybody healing
  • Essence healing
  • Soul’s Journey Imprint Clearing
  • Body Candescence Enhancement
  • Accessing the Divination Line
  • Soul Genetics
  • Kinetic Disturbance Clearing
  • The Three Crosses
  • Frequency Transference Technique
  • And much more…

The techniques of Level Three are some of the most energetically advanced processes available. All negative hindering imprints, discarnate attachments, energy connections — basically anything that obstructs the body’s natural unfoldment — can be cleared using Level Three techniques.

Advanced Practitioner Master Class

The Master Class is an extension to the Advance Practitioner level. In this class we take HR to a whole new, and higher frequency and level. The student learns powerful ways to alter vibrational frequencies within the person being treated, thus enabling profound shifts and clearing to occur.

The Master Class is taught over two days 10am – 5pm.

Your investment -­‐ $288

The workshop will cover the following:

  • Changing the Mindset
  • The Clearance Point
  • 8 Body Spinal Healing
  • 8 Spine meditation
  • God Invocation/ Cellular Renewal
  • Working in the Old Brain & the Amygdala
  • The Ascetic Shield
  • Light Screening & Halcyon Fields
  • Recognizing Imprint Pathways
  • Body Electric Systems
  • Cortex Inflammation Clearing
  • Self Pathway Clearing
  • Creators and Pathways
  • And much More…

 Heart Resonance Teacher Training

Play an active role in changing the planet. Come join us in spreading this very special energy to mankind.

By becoming a HR teacher you are helping the evolution of mankind take a step closer to Gracious Awakening of God consciousness on Earth.

Heart Resonance Teachers training covers all the aspects of teaching levels 1 & 2 Heart Resonance. The content of the workshops, the transmission process, and all the business, theory, energetic and spiritual aspects of Heart Resonance Therapy.

The comprehensive training is over an 8 to 12 week period depending on the speed at which the student grows and learns. Upon completing your training you will be very confident and able to teach Heart Resonance in a successful way.

Your investment – $1888

Heart Resonance Grid Activation

The HR Grid activation aligns the person to the vibrational shift that is occurring currently on the planet. It also greatly increases the strength of the practitioners HR. Once the grid has been activated, the receiver will enter into a deep purging of resisting energies. The experiences that result from this powerful alignment are life changing.

Not only is the grid activation a powerful process for personal change, it also can be used in treatment protocols on others. The activation and its teachings are conducted over a 3-­‐hour session.

Your investment -­‐ $50 this includes CD, HR Grid Book, and class workbook

Available to all people who have received the Heart Resonance transmission/s